Grout Learning Garden

Grout Learning Garden Renovation

Help us provide an engaging outdoor space for our wonderful students and teachers to thrive.

After over ten years of use, the well-loved garden beds at Grout Elementary are rotting out.  They need to be replaced before kids come back to school and spring planting begins.  We took this opportunity to reimagine the garden space for outdoor learning, garden education and growing productivity.  Our school community recently voted on an innovative new design. 
It’s time to bring it to life!

Our goal is to:
+Remove rotten garden beds
+Build the new redesigned layout
+Arrange an inviting outdoor classroom space
+Provide excellent in-person garden education to our K-3 students

We’re the Garden Club at Grout Elementary. We are teachers, parents and garden educators who are striving to provide a safe outdoor learning space for students returning this spring.  Our public school is nestled in SE Portland’s diverse Creston-Kenilworth neighborhood.  Grout students speak over 20 different languages.  The learning garden serves as a vibrant hub connecting members of our community to each other and to healthy food.   The Grout PTA partners with Grow Portland to provide high quality, culturally responsive garden education for all K-3 students.  

As the pandemic closed our schools last spring, the garden kept going — and Grow Portland saw an opportunity.  Together with dedicated teachers and parents, Grow Portland used the Grout Learning Garden to produce over 600 lbs. of food which was donated to families in the community.  

With your donation, we can renovate the Grout Learning Garden into an even more beautiful, productive, and safe space for our community. 

What your DONATION  provides:
$20 – one year of garden education for a student
$50 – fill a bed with fresh compost
$100 – build a garden bed

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