Garden Club

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Our garden is a collaboration between parents, educators, staff, neighbors, family and friends. For more information about our garden, please contact the Garden Committee Coordinator.

We welcome volunteers in all areas of the garden design and implementation! You can find applications for volunteering in our school office or contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information. We’ll be having work parties and fundraisers throughout the year and you can find more information about these events here on this Garden Page, on our PTA Blog, or on our PTA Facebook page.

Photos of the Rain Garden’s Ground Breaking and Work Party on April 14th  and 15th, 2012.

Our Garden Project History

Planning for the Grout Garden was started by parents in the Fall 2009. The plans were approved by Portland Public Schools and Portland Parks and Recreation. Work on the vegetable garden, fence and outdoor classroom was started in the summer of 2010. Throughout the 2010-2011 year, we practiced grant-writing and fundraising to continue our work on the garden. In 2012 and 2013, the PTA volunteers and community supporters worked diligently on several projects included a running track around the edge of the playing field, a native rain garden, a tile mural wall at the back of the school, and a cistern.

Now in 2015, we are continuing our work by improving the fencing around the educational garden, reworking our rain garden and finishing the work on the rain garden’s downspouts. They are now fantastic pieces of art representing two of Portland’s bridges.


In 2011, CWSP awarded the Grout Elementary School Rain Garden a grant for our rain garden & cistern hook-up (the projects needed to improve the watershed). Here are the project summary & timeline & budget so you can see the general scope of the project.